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"Really, really can't get along with that guy. He's just a bug, but he's so sharp."
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Ahahah me and my lovely friend Rea as Yuya Sakaki and Reiji Akaba from YGO!Arc-V at the convention <3


Has this already been done

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Whenever I see this, I just think of Shizuo being like, “I’m gonna paint one of my friends,” while Izaya just-

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I already wiped the floor with you! The only opponent left is Ushijima!!
So BEHAVE yourself this time Tobio-chan!! -

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Because I’m out of cute fluffy foilshipping (nooooooo) we’ll have to settle for comedy hijinks foilshipping.

This one is by ヨロ and is a ‘what-if’ scenario for Episode 101.

7 pages below the Read More

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I’ve wanted to translate this comic by シャチョオ for a lo~ng time. Unfortunately it was 40+ pages!!! …But it’s finally finished! This is actually something of a prequel to this comic, but with less foilshipping and way more regicideshipping (and a hint of gorgonic)

Warnings for suicidal thoughts and some violence (including force feeding) (Trust me though the actual comic is quite sweet!)

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