Accidentshipping ~


Me as Thomas Arclight and as Rio Kamishiro from Yu-Gi-Oh!Zexal

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I hαven’t mαde gifs in αwhile. I’m not on drugs I sweαr.

I might mαke more lαter.

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The childhood of us all…

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. A c c i d e n t s h i p p i n g .                                          

Me as Rio Kamishiro as IV/Thomas Arclight
photo by Alessandro Casini Photography

I’ll continue to love this pairing forever and ever and I love cosplaying it with my best friend AAAAAH  MY ACCIDENTSHIPPING FEELS (?)


I’m so sorry if the boyfriend material joke’s already been made I just fell in love with a vampire alien sailor uniform bye

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Mystique art by Mirage Mari.

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